About 831

Welcome to 831Tokyo Ramen, where we take the art of ramen to the next level! We are passionate about serving the most delicious and healthy vegan ramen to satisfy even the most hardcore ramen enthusiasts. Our mission is to push the boundaries of what’s possible with vegan ramen, and we’ve spared no effort in doing just that.

The name 831Tokyo Ramen is not just a name – it’s a playful nod to our love of vegetables. The number “831” is pronounced “Yasai” in Japanese, which means vegetables. And that’s what we’re all about – incorporating natural energy into our bodies through a veggie diet.

Our logo features a beautiful hemp pattern deeply rooted in traditional Japanese culture. We’re proud to offer you an experience that’s not just about the delicious food but also about immersing yourself in Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

At 831Tokyo Ramen, we’re all about inspiring creativity and stimulating your senses. So come and join us for an unforgettable ramen experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever had before!


831 Vegan Tsukemen

~ I can't believe this is vegan ramen! ~

The first completely vegan Tsukemen in LA, leaving every Japanese ramen enthusiast in shock. The rich vegan soup with condensed umami makes you ask, “Is this really vegan?” again and again. It seems like a miracle that no animal ingredients are used.



Tokyo Vegan Ramen


A bowl that people who tried it say, “If this is vegan, I can eat vegan ramen for the rest of my life!” With a rich tomato soup with plenty of umami with a chain reaction of umami rushing in. We are using vegan cheese to be sure. It’s a ramen that you want to repeat over and over again once you eat it, and it’s popular. If you like tomato pasta, please try it!




I want to eat vegetables, but vegan ramen without the punchy taste is simply not enough. This ramen is taking the vegan ramen heads in LA by storm. This vegan ramen takes the taste of the famous Strong Ramen (Ramen Jiro) in Japan to the next level.


Tokyo Chuka Soba


Japan’s top craftsmen say, “Sweetness is the mysterious key to bringing out the umami.” People who eat this Tokyo Shina Soba are surprised by the exquisite sweetness and carry the lot us flower to their mouth to drink the soup repeatedly.


▶︎Steamed Vegetable


▶︎Grilled Vegetable


▶︎Nori (Dry Seaweed)


▶︎Thin Noodle:$2.50
▶︎Thick Noodle:$2.50
▶︎Tukemen Noodle:$3.50 / 
▶︎Fire ball:$2.50
▶︎Green Onion:$2.5


▶︎Seasoned Egg


▶︎Grilled pork Belly Chashu


▶︎Chicken Karaage(5P)


▶︎Chicken Karaage(3P)




▶︎Fried Gyoza.(5P)


▶︎Agedashi Tofu


▶︎Fried Potato


▶︎Tofu Nuggets(5P)



▶︎831 Grilled Salad


▶︎Tofu Salad



▶︎Vegan Curry


▶︎Vegan Curry (Five Grain Rice)


▶︎Chashu Bowl



▶︎Ice Cream(Vanilla,Green Tea,Black Sesame):$2.95
▶︎Mochi Ice Cream(2P):$4.95

▶︎Iced Green Tea:$2.50
▶︎Diet Coke:$2.50
▶︎KIMINO YUZU (sparkling):$5.50
▶︎KIMINI RINGO (sparkling):$5.50


1253 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Monday – Sunday
Lunch-11:30-2:30 pm
Dinner-5:30-10:00 pm

TEL. (323) 498-0051

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